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Have a question about Solar Energy? Contact us to learn how you can benefit from solar. We have some amazing offers and discounts happening now!  We look forward to speaking with You! 

Please note that every Solar Energy System is unique like the Real Estate where it Is located. We will need information in order to give you an accurate quote. This is because System Size is determined by your energy usage history  and shade factors (trees, etc.). Roof Tilt, Azimuth, and Solar Availability all play a role as well. We are able to provide you with an accurate Production Estimate because of how amazing Software Technology has become. We also have Experienced Engineers ready to assist and verify all of the numbers as well! 


To discuss partnership and employment opportunities please contact Eric directly at [email protected]

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Not eligible for solar? Don't worry! We can still help.

Do you live in an apartment or rent your home? Maybe you have large  beautiful trees around your house that you love, but they shade your roof. There are a variety of reasons why solar is not feasible for some people. If you like the idea of solar and the benefits solar provides, but are unable to install yourself, we have a referral program for you! Referring a friend, neighbor, or relative to EPH Solar is a quick and easy way to earn extra cash and help your friend or family member get an amazing offer! Click Here to refer a friend and earn $500!

New Customers eligible to receive $250 gas card with new solar purchase or lease - contact eph solar for more information
All new solar customers are eligible to receive a $250 gas card! This applies to purchase and lease!
ALL BLACK Canadian Solar HiDM5 Monocrystalline solar panels discount sale
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