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A letter from Eric, founder of EPH Solar

To Our Current and Future Solar Customers:

Thank you for visiting ephsolar.com and taking the time to read this! Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy as far as I am concerned. Frankly, I did not graduate high school in 2010 with the dream of selling solar. As a matter of fact, I knew nothing about solar! Actually, I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the USAF and then an astronaut. While attending college at UCR I studied mechanical engineering. My goal was to serve for 15-20 years in the Air Force and then go to NASA. Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, “Men make plans and God laughs.” Let’s just say those plans didn’t quite work out. That is okay! I tend to believe everything works out how it is supposed to and I am grateful. I now provide solutions to homeowners who often times desperately need relief from self seeking electricity providers! Also, meeting new people, making new friends, and hearing your stories is also a lot of fun! 

After two years of coursework, I changed my major from mechanical engineering to business economics. Back then I was working in property management. My new goal was to transition from residential to commercial management and eventually manage skyscrapers. That didn’t quite happen as well, but I am thankful for the experience I gained in that industry on the residential side.

 Although my ambitions changed, I did graduate with my degree in Business Economics. In August 2019 I formed Eric P. Huddleston, LLC and began doing business as EPH Solar one year later. At EPH Solar, our goal is to deal honestly with people, exceed expectations, and make new friends!

Founder EPH SOLAR Eric Huddleston
Eric Huddleston, Founder of EPH Solar and Chief Energy Consultant. Eric has been assisting customers in a professional capacity since 2012. Click to Contact.

 Every amazing new product requires salespeople in order for it to get to consumers. I feel blessed every time we are able to make someone happy. Honestly, most good products sell themselves. Customers don’t need a “sales pitch” when they know what they want. This includes Solar shoppers like you! By the way, I learned that if you want to buy something valuable or customized, you have to buy it from someone. Certain things you can’t just buy on Amazon. Who you choose to trust and put confidence in can make a big difference in your overall experience. That is why my goal here is to give you some background information about myself so you’re not left wondering who will be showing up. There are good honest people in every profession, including sales. At EPH, we only want to work with people who have integrity and accept responsibility. There are enough people out there making lots of sales by over-promising; That’s not us.

When you schedule a consultation with EPH Solar, we take our time to get to know each other and determine what your goals are. Working together with you we then draft a preliminary design for your project based on your usage and production needs. Once we know the system size you need and the location, we present finance options, assist you with any paperwork, and answer all of your questions along the way. For all things customer service, we become your “Go-To” resource! Neither myself nor any Consultant EPH brings on board will use a “pitch” or a “script.” At EPH Solar we respect our customers and understand that oftentimes you guys are smarter than us!

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Click on the image for panel specifications. We are discounting these beautiful ALL BLACK Monocrystalline Canadian Solar Modules while supplies last! Excellent Value!

So Why Choose EPH Solar?

Allow me to elaborate on why EPH Solar is the right choice for you and your family. Integrity, Accountability, Communication! Over the past decade I have sold many things: apartment leases, cars, timeshares, VoIP Phones systems, and finally.. Solar! Timeshare sales was NOT my gig. My results were not good and I didn’t last long because I simply didn’t believe in the product. It is difficult to get others to “drink the Kool-Aide” that you aren’t willing to drink yourself. Nor should you want to! If you are an honest salesperson, you must believe in the product you are selling. If not, you ARE scamming people (At least in my opinion). I am grateful EPH Solar provides an amazing product and service to our customers. Finding a product that saves people more money than it costs them is rare! The fact that solar is good for the environment is a nice bonus! 


No, I didn’t use my newly formed LLC to build skyscrapers like I planned. No, I am not a fighter pilot, engineer, or astronaut. Instead, I used it to create EPH Solar. My solar career began In 2019 before I founded EPH Solar. I worked as a solar consultant for one of the largest solar companies in the industry (who I won’t mention here). The product was good, but I was not a fan of the “sales process.” Although I had some discretion, I had much less control over pricing. There was also a lot of pressure to “close deals” right away and only push PPAs. That pressure ultimately trickled down to my customers. As the saying goes, “S*** rolls down hill.” With the state of affairs at the time with Covid-19 and the policies it introduced into society, I decided it was time for a change. I resigned from that position in the Spring of 2020. Shortly after, Eric P. Huddleston, LLC found a real purpose and started doing business as EPH Solar. I asked my sister to make me a logo and was off to the races!

The next critical step was finding an installation partner who I believe thinks like us (EPH Solar). Clean installations, friendly people, and great reviews was what we were looking for! At EPH Solar we prefer quality over quantity! Cliché yes, but true! Ultimately, we landed on Penguin (more on them later) and haven’t looked back! Since I now have full control of our process, we are not forced to put ANY pressure on our customers (And we never do!). EPH Solar is the platform I use to continue providing solar solutions to homeowners. We offer better products, better service, and  better customer experiences! In most cases, when given the opportunity, EPH Solar has provided the most affordable options compared to our competitors. This is because “the big guys” in the industry have a lot more overhead costs than we do. Some they can absorb, but typically those costs are passed on to the consumer. Simply stated, I offer better quality products at lower costs to my EPH customers than my previous customers received while I worked for a large solar company.

EPH Solar has amazing energy loan offers are available! We believe in rewarding yourself. Choosing to install solar is a good thing for your budget and the environment. Perhaps a vacation is in order?

All New Customers are Eligible for a $250 Gas Card

Sometimes Less is More

Large companies care much more about VOLUME than nurturing relationships. At EPH, I do not work with nearly as many customers as I used to. Less customers equals more availability! All of our valued customers are exactly that, valued! Our ability to be available to them is one of the biggest reasons why our customers are happy they chose EPH. Shared values is another. We might not agree on everything, but we always respect our customers and are honest with them.

EPH does not have a large marketing team out knocking doors, making cold calls, or posting ads all over the internet. We primarily acquire new business through customer referrals. Sometimes I go out and do some marketing on my own. It is rare that I pay for marketing other than the cost of flyers, door hangers, or the occasional banner. Most of what you see I designed and put out myself (probably why it doesn’t look or sound super professional).

You may be reading this because you found a flyer I left for you. Maybe I gave you a business card or you clicked a social media link I posted. Thank you for reading this far regardless of how you ended up here! 


Why should we trust EPH Solar with our purchase? 

Our customers are happy with their decision to trust us with their energy projects because we are honest and deliver them great value. We are available to them and their satisfaction is our top concern! Given the strange coincidence that my initials just so happen to be EPH, my reputation is on the line! Integrity and values come first, but having my name on this company gives me an extra incentive to make sure my customers are always happy! A poor review would be a tragedy to EPH Solar, but hardly a blip to a large corporation!

We will always answer your questions truthfully to the best of our ability! Whether you work with me personally or a consultant we bring on board. If we don’t know an answer, we will seek out the answer rather than make it up. Again, we respect your intelligence!

You may have had an experience with a sales rep where you felt somewhat uncomfortable. Perhaps you felt the salesperson was trying to “twist your arm” to sign. That will never be the case with EPH! If our offer doesn’t make sense to you, we simply won’t make a deal. No pressure! There are some instances where solar isn’t the best option for the household and it won’t benefit them. If this is your scenario, we will tell you the truth and not hide that fact to “get a sale.”. Customer satisfaction is our growth plan and business model. Without it, we will fail.

We Look forward to Working for You!

In addition to a good reputation being an important incentive to always deal honestly, all EPH customers have direct access to contact me day or night. As soon as we set a meeting I save your number in my cellphone. That way I never accidentally ignore you or miss your call. I promise to never leave you hanging! 

I promise to not take on more business than we can manage. That is why EPH customers are never left without a response to any inquiry or concern they bring to my attention. It is our belief that being honest and available is the best business practice. Additionally, I promise to fight for you whenever applicable to make sure you are always satisfied with your results! My last promise is the most important. I promise never to advise you against your own financial interests! At EPH, we believe solar should save you more than it costs you. PERIOD.

We offer many of the top rated panels and inverters in the industry! Give us a shot and see for yourself and see if our offer holds water! We are happy to show you some install photos and provide you with references upon request! I consider it an honor each and every time I earn the trust of a new customer, and it would be my honor to serve you and your family.

Please reach out to me directly at [email protected]phsolar.com.  You may also call or text me at (951) 213-8282. I look forward to meeting you! Thank you!



Eric P. Huddleston

President of EPH Solar

P.s. Let us know if you are a veteran or active duty service member. We support our troops however we can!

Who are our customers?

Our customers are homeowners in California who are tired of paying way too much money to their current energy company for electricity. Our customers care about green energy, but they also care about more green in their wallet. If your electricity bills are above $150/month, solar might be the best decision you can make for your monthly budget! Our customers want to take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit while it is still 30%. In the more inland areas we serve, it gets HOT and running AC units is a must! Our  customers let solar cover the cost of running their AC.

Really, our customers are mostly just everyday hardworking people who want to save money and get a good deal. We love our customers and are always available to them. We are grateful every time we earn a customer’s trust and add another member to our solar community! Many of our customers become good friends!

Eric golfing with a new friend and valued customer at the golf club at rancho california
Eric golfing a second time with his new friend and EPH Solar Customer, Cody. It was a close match and a beautiful spring day at The Golf Club at Rancho California.
discount sale canadian solar all black panels 395 Watt
Click Image for Panel Specifications

Solar Energy You Can Trust

EPH Solar is committed to only using CSLB licensed, professional, and highly rated installation partners. We offer our customers free system design consultations with zero obligations and zero pressure to sign. We believe firmly in honesty and do not use gimmicks or tricks to earn your business. We are proudly partnered with Penguin Home Solutions as our trusted installation partner. Please take some time to visit their website to read their reviews and view the products and services they offer.

Eric Huddleston holds an active CSLB HIS Registration: 118897 SP. You may check the current status of his registration with the Contractors State License Board here. We strongly advise that all solar customers make sure that they only work with professionals and companies who hold active licenses and registrations with the CSLB.

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